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Updated 7/25/2015

July 9th NOARC Minutes


Field Day 2015 “After Action Report”

We had 17 Hams and 2 guests at the field day. We also had hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cookies, donuts, breakfast muffins, gator aid, water, soft drinks, and coffee.

Operators were; Ron KI5FR, Steve K4RWD, Mark KA5NDH, Daniel KK4VAX, Chris KK4VBE, Crystal KK4VHV, Dave WB4EWS, Glenn K4GAG, Bob N4CU, Bob W5RE, Mike K4ISR, and Mike KK4KRZ.

We installed an 80 meter dipole antenna and also used the long wire and tri-bander.  Making contacts on 40, 80, 20, 15, and 10 meters using phone and CW.

Mike Martell KK4KRZ                                       (See Photo’s)



2015 Club Dues

Become a NOARC member!

  $12.00 gets you Associate Privileges, (Non-voting member)


$20.00 gets you Full Privileges 

Regardless of which membership you choose the repeater access is free to anyone wishing to use it.  These dues are mainly to ensure the repeater remains free to the public.

As we start a new year it’s time to support our club with its annual dues.  You can download our 2015 Club Application, (click here) and mail it to our new Treasurer Mark Hilliard – KA5NDH or bring your dues to our next club meeting.

Mark can be reached at email: MarkHilliard@yahoo.com or 

Mail to: Mark Hilliard

            6009 Dairy Road

            Baker, FL. 32531


The next NOARC club meeting will be held on

 Date: Thursday Aug. 13th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Central Baptist Church (Crestview)

  ——Tech. Night——

  Topic: TBA

    Date:   Thursday Aug. 27th

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: TBA

  Old Dorcas Fire Station #42 is located about 8 miles east of Crestview. Fire Station is on dirt road directly behind an Exxon Station off of U.S. 90.

Click here for aerial view  http://goo.gl/maps/HNB4l

  Sunday Club Operation 

The club station can be opened at any reasonable time after notifying the

  Station Manager.

Point of contact: Richard Bailey, KE4BFX

  E-mail Address(es):  bailey_richard@yahoo.com




Florida Panhandle Frequencies

(click here)

Thanks, Bob – N4CU and Phil – N6COP


New Ham Brochure

(Click Here)


  Satellite for Beginners 

Presented by Ron-KI5FR

   (Click here for .pdf file)



Operates on 147.360 MHz with +100hz tone

The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (NOARC) is a service organization located in Crestview, Florida. It has members from Santa Rosa, Walton, and Okaloosa Counties in Florida and Covington County, Alabama.  During the club’s history, members have supported the community numerous times by providing emergency communications and were often the only means of communication in and out of areas affected by disasters.  Club activities include participation each year in the American Radio Relay League sponsored Field Day event, hidden transmitter hunts, picnics, and hosting Technician Classes.  Our goal is to enjoy amateur radio and to introduce and promote the hobby to the public to ensure that there will always be a pool of well trained and well equipped hams ready to support our community when needed.


   Tower Laws

Cal-W4GMH, has put together key legal information on Towers for Amateur Radio Stations.

See “Legal Area” (above), for attached PDF Files that cover 1. ARRL PRB 1 Info Page 2. Chapter 7 of Okaloosa County Ordinances-read section 1.01.073 3. The Original FCC PRB-1 Ruling of 1985 4. An FCC 2000 ruling on CCR’s that cites the PRB-1 5. Florida Tower Laws Thanks, Cal-W4GMH for this information.


Satellite Flyby’s

We have just added a new link for those who like to track satellites.  It’s labeled “Satellite Flyby’s”  click on it and put in your zip code.  It’s as easy as that.   Thanks, Tony-K4OZL from MARC and Cal-W4GMH for informing us of this website.


Technician Classes: Ron – KI5FR, would like to hold another General and Technician Class in the near future.  If you are interested in getting your amateur radio license please contact him at noarc_class@yahoo.com


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  1. David Martin - W4DSM

    I really enjoyed going to MFJ yesterday with some of you. Thanks for welcoming into the group.


  2. Hi David,

    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to MFJ with our group. Please check back with us here for future events.

    Phil – N6COP

  3. Ed Parent K4EDP

    The “Satellite for Beginners” slide show was interesting. Thanks for sharing/posting.


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